SDGs though a Gender Lens

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Gender is a critical cross-cutting theme across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”). UN Women recently released a snapshot of progress towards the SDGs through the SDG 5 (gender quality) lens – “Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: The gender snapshot 2021.”

✔️ Global inequalities are widening as a results of COVD-19

✔️ Limited progress for women is being eroded by the pandemic

✔️ Only one of the 18 indicators under SDG 5 is assessed as “close to target” proportion of seats held by women in local governments (5.5.1)

✔️ Two indicators are farthest from target:

▪️ The ratio of unpaid domestic and care work, by sex (SDG indicator 5.4.1)

▪️ The proportion of women and girls who make informed decisions on reproductive health (SDG indicator 5.6.1).

How can we all work more effectively towards “building forward differently and better”?

Access the full report here.

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