Growing gender-lens investing and its potential to empower women

From Newsphere in Japanese. Gender-lens investing is increasingly becoming an important impact investing strategy globally. The article talks about the economic impact of investing in women, various strategies within gender-lens investing, and key trends in Japan. Check out the article here!

Will Covid-19 be a catalyst for the long-term growth of impact investing?

From Newsphere in Japanese. The piece highlights the increasing interest & capital flowing into ESG investment products; rapid response from impact investors on short-term recovery & long-term growth from COVID-19 (e.g R3Coalition by The Global Impact Investing Network) and increasing awareness of stakeholder-based…

Creative & Social Entrepreneurs in South Africa

British Council's Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies (DICE) program, in partnership with Simayne and Social Enterprise UK, recently published a survey on creative and social entrepreneurs in South Africa. Some of the key findings from the report: Many of the…